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Module, Electronic, PSSu E F PS2; 24V (Periphery), 5V (System, Buffered); 7W

SKU # 04654899921
Type: Electronic Module, PSSu E F PS2
Output Voltage: 24V (Periphery), 5V (System, Buffered)
Output Power: 7W

Used for internal power supply and the formation of different supply groups. Permitted bases include PSSu BS-R 2/8C, PSSu BS-R 2/8C-T, PSSu BS-R 2/8S, PSSu BS-R 2/8S-T.

Additional Info: Application range: standard/failsafe. W x H x D: 25.2 x 76 x 60.2mm. Weight: 58g. Certifications: CE, cULus Listed, EAC (Eurasian), TÜV, KOSHA.