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Circuit Breaker Handle Mechanism, 15-2500A, LG-Frame Breaker

SKU # 78211619967 Manufacturer Series: G Series
Type: Universal Rotary Handle Mechanism
Switch Size: 15-2500 Amp
Breaker Size: LG-Frame
Length: 12 in. (304mm)
Used On: LG-Frame MCCB

Eaton's Universal Rotary is suitable for use with Type 1 or 12 enclosure types. All rotary handle mechanisms include a handle lock off to prevent turning the breaker ON while in the OFF position, and indicate ON/OFF/Tripped/Reset positions. The Universal Rotary has the added feature of international markings for ON (I) and OFF (O). The Universal Rotary is made of molded material. The Universal Rotary mechanisms for EG-, JG- and LG-Frame MCCBs can be operated by hand with the door open or locked off to prevent operation with the door open.

Additional Info: Enclosure: NEMA 1, NEMA 12, Handle Color: Black