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PlugTail Pigtail Connector, Solid, 6 in. L, 4W, Plug In, Right Angle

SKU # 78500700054
Type: Switch Pigtail Connector
Wire Type: Solid
Wire Length: 6 in.
Wire Count: 4
Connection: Plug In
Application: PlugTail Switch

Factory-terminated devices and connectors mean that device installation is the same regardless of skill level of the installer. The UL-Listed connectors are keyed to ensure proper wiring installation into each receptacle. The connector simply snaps into the back of the device - no fussing with wires, stripping, or tightening screws. PlugTail devices are finger safe with no exposed terminals, so taping is not required. Now device installation is a snap.

Additional Info: 120/277 VAC, 3-Way Pole, Decorator Style, Wire Type: THHN12