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MERSEN #A155F2D0R0-100E

Fuse, Transformer Fuse; E-Rated; 15.5kV; 100E

SKU # 78200180468 Manufacturer Series: CS-3
RoHS Compliant
Fuse Type: Transformer Fuse
Rating, Type: E-Rated
Voltage: 15.5kV
Amps: 100E
Interrupting Rating: 50kA IR
Mounting: Ferrule, 15 in. Clip Centers
Length: 18.87 in.
Diameter: 3 in.
Indicators: Indicating
Construction: Double Barrel

Mersen fuses for the protection of transformers and distribution lines deliver overload and short circuit protection. These current-limiting fuses will melt at current that can be as low as 1.7 times the fuse current ratings up to its maximum interrupting rating. These fuses are designed to withstand the transformer magnetizing inrush current. They have 2 (size C), 3 (size D) and 4 (size E) inch diameter barrels with ferrules and are mounted in spring reinforced clips.