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MOLEX #884031C02M005

Micro-Change Cordset, Double-end; Single Keyway; Straight Male, 90-deg Female; 1.6 ft. cable

SKU # 78678848436
Assembly Type: Double End Cordset
Connector Type: Male Micro - Female Micro
Keyway: Single Keyway
Angle: Straight Male, 90 Degree Female
Cable Length - ft: 1.6 ft.
Cable Length - meters: 0.5 m
Poles: 4-Pole
Wire-Pin Code: DC Color Code
Wire-Pin Colors: Brown, White, Blue, Black
Voltage: 250V AC/DC
Amps: 4A
Connector Material: PVC Body, Epoxy Coated Zinc Nut
Cable Type: Yellow PVC, 18 AWG
Connector Mating Size: M12x1
Application/​Rating - NEMA: NEMA 6P
Application/​Rating - IEC: IP 68

Additional Info: Operating Temperature: -20 deg C to 105 deg C (-4 to 221 deg F)