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Drive Isolation Transformer, 150 kVA, 600 VAC Primary

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Type: Drive Isolation Transformer
KVA: 150 kVA
Volts, Primary: 600 VAC
Volts, Secondary: 208Y/120 VAC
Phase: 3
Temperature Rise: 150°C
Taps: +/- 2 x 2.5%
Winding: Aluminum
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3R
Dimensions: HxWxD: 44 x 30.75 x 33.4 in.
Frequency: 60Hz
Mounting: Floor
Weight: 1100 lb.

Drive Isolation Transformers are designed for supplying power to SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier) motor drives which provide convenient variable speed motor control and can save on energy. Unfortunately, the drawback of these variable frequency drives (VFD) is that they produce harmonic voltage distortion and draw harmonic currents from the source which can be damaging both to the transformer supplying the power and the other equipment that is connected to that supply.