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Toroidal Power Transformer, 0.16 KVA, 117/234VAC

SKU # 62398053157 Manufacturer Series: 1182
RoHS Compliant
Type: Toroidal Power Transformer
Volts, Primary: 117/234VAC
Volts, Secondary: 24VAC CT (Series), 12VAC (Parallel)
Output Rating, Current: 6.67A (Series), 13.34A (Parallel)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Number of Outputs: 2
Construction Style: Dual Primary and Secondary Winding
Mounting: Chassis
Terminals: Wire Leads
Insulation Class Rating: Class B
Temperature Rise: 130 deg C
Dimensions: 1.70 in. ID x 4.25 in. OD x 1.75 in. H
KVA: 0.1600 KVA
Wiring: Series/Parallel
Weight: 3.8 lb.