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Welded Connection Mold, Reusable, Tap - Horizontal Cable Cross (same plane)

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Type: Welded Connection Mold
Mold Usage: Reusable
Connection Configuration: Tap - Horizontal Cable Cross (same plane)
Cable Run: 2/0 str
Cable Tap: 2/0 str
Mold Connection Type: Type XA
Weld Metal: 200
Handle Clamps: L160
Price Key: C

Molds, Cable to Cable: Type - Welded Connection Mold; Mold Usage - Reusable; Connection Configuration - Tap - Horizontal Cable Cross (same plane); Cable Run - 2/0 str; Cable Tap - 2/0 str; Mold Connection Type - Type XA; Weld Metal - 200; Handle Clamps - L160; Price Key - C; Manufacturer Series - CADWELD