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Floor Heating Cable, PVC, On Subfloor, 240/208V, 3 W/Ft, 960 W

SKU # 62526229818 Manufacturer Series: OTR
Type: Radiant Heat Cable
Cable Construction: PVC
Application: Kitchen, Bathroom, Entrance Way, Family Room, Living Room, Floors: Tile, Vinyl, Carpet, Engineered
Installation: On Subfloor
Voltage: 240/208V
Watts per Foot: 3
Watts per Meter: 9.8
Watt Density: 80W per sq-ft at 3 in. Spacing, 100W per sq-ft at 3-3/4 in. Spacing
Length: 97.54m (320 ft.)
Control: Floor Sensor and Thermostat (not included)

The floor heating cable for membrane provides comfort and well-being through radiant heating. By heating the floor itself instead of the surrounding air, the system provides indirect heat that radiates from the floor up and is absorbed by surrounding objects, warming the entire room. As an integrated heating system, it produces enveloping heat that is also clean, cost-effective, uniform, and constant. Whether it is used as additional comfort or as a primary heat source, the floor heating cable for membrane is a safe and green heating solution that harnesses the benefits of radiant heating, a process that occurs naturally in nature and has long been under-utilized in the industry.

Additional Info: Power: 960 W