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Floor Heating Mat, 32 ft. L x 20 in. W, 240 V, 632 w

SKU # 71562900850
Type: Electric Floor Heating Mat
Construction: Heating Cable on Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh
Application: Floor: Ceramic or Porcelain Tile, Granite, Marble, Natural Stone and Laminate/Engineered Wood
Installation: On Subfloor
Voltage: 240V
Watts: 632W
Amps: 2.6 A
Watt Density: 12 w/sq. ft.
Width: 20 in.
Length: 32 ft.
Surface Area: 55 sq. ft.
Control: Thermostat

The Nu-heat® Mesh floor heating system provides comfort heating in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, entryways and other living areas. Nu-heat® Mesh's compatibility with all standard subflooring materials and its low 3/16 in. profile make it ideal for renovat