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Heating Cable, 120VAC, 8W/Ft, Metal and Plastic Pipes

SKU # 71562999936 Manufacturer Series: Series BTV
Type: Pipe Heating Cable
Cable Construction: 16 AWG Nickel Plated Cu Bus Wire, Semiconductive Core, Polyolefin Inner Jacket, Tinned Cu Braid, Polyolefin Jacket
Voltage: 120V AC
Watts per Foot: 8W/Ft
Watts per Meter: 26W/M
Application - Pipe: Metal and Plastic Pipes
Application - Area: Hazardous, Non-Hazardous
Control: Self Regulating

The Raychem RTD10CS are three-wire platinum RTD (resistance temperature detectors) typically used with monitoring and control systems such as the Raychem 910 controller when accurate temperature control is required. The RTD10CS can be installed directly to the controller using the supplied 1/2 in. conduit fitting or to an RTD junction box where RTD extension wire is used.