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Outdoor Wall Light, LED Lamp, 120-277V, 78W, Die Cast Aluminum Housing

SKU # 06118489701 Manufacturer Series: AWL
Fixture Type: Outdoor Wall Pack
Lamp Type: LED
Watts: 78W
Voltage: 120-277V
Housing: Die Cast Aluminum
Finish: Bronze
LxWxD: 11.71x11.81x5.42 in. (297.6x300.0x137.8mm)

The AWL-LED series are intelligently designed LED wall lights that are ideal replacements for HID wall packs and floods. The head can be aimed straight down for dark sky requirements or aimed out to deliver the light where it is required.

Additional Info: Clear Tempered Glass Lens w/Gasket, Lumens: 7467, Efficiency: 96 lumens/watt, Operating Temperature: -40 deg C to 40 deg C, LED Life: 100,000 hours, Colour Temperature: 5000K, Power Factor: 0.982