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Rack Cabinet, 12U, 19 in. Rack, 16 Gauge Steel, Casters and Leveling Feet Mount

SKU # 62398004107
RoHS Compliant
Type: Rack Cabinet
Mounting Method: Casters and Leveling Feet
Door: Front and Rear Hinged, Airflow Perforated
Rack Units: 12U
Rack: 19 in.
Height: 25 in.
Width: 24 in.
Depth: 31.5 in.
Material: Steel, 16 Gauge
Color: Black

The RCSC rack cabinet features a stacking design that allows for up to three (3) cabinets to be stacked atop each other. This Rack Cabinet is fully loaded and includes two (2) pairs of infinitely adjustable sliding EIA square-hole rails, punch-outs for ca