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Operator Adapter, Disconnect, Type A21, A28, A34 and A4L3D

SKU # 78351028095 Manufacturer Series: ADY
RoHS Compliant


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Type: Operator Adapter
Application: Universal Cutout
Enclosure Type: Disconnect, Type A21, A28, A34 and A4L3D
Operator Brand Name: ABB Controls

Used on all nVent HOFFMAN Type 4 and 12 disconnect enclosures with a universal flange cutout. An operator adapter is required to install a disconnect in Bulletin A21, A28, A34 and A4L3D HOFFMAN enclosures that have a universal cutout. Operator adapters include an adapter plate and additional components needed to interlock the master door with the disconnect operating mechanism. Installation instructions are included with each operator adapter. Each brand and type of disconnect requires a different operator adapter. Be sure to select the correct operator adapter and enclosure for the disconnect device selected. A 400A (or greater) disconnect switch and 600A (or greater) circuit breaker require the large handle. A 200A (or less) disconnect switch and 400A (or less) circuit breaker require a small handle.