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Eaton's Simple Configurator Tools

Eaton's Configurator

Enclosed Control

Select your standard Enclosed Control products for industrial and commercial motor starter requirements.

Stocked Panelboard

Helps you identify the most common distributor stocked panelboard components without the need for a catalog.

Safety Switch

Helps you understand even the most unique and sophisticated safety switch products to meet requirement standards.

Plug & Play

Select enclosed control products including an industrial grade motor starter or lighting contactor.


Completing quotes on time can be challenging, especially when you need to build a custom solution for your project. Having a convenient tool that’s simple to use and offers guidance during the product selection and design process can make a big difference. When response time is critical, Eaton’s configurator tools can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

How to Get Started

Eaton’s configurators have been designed with synergy, user-ability, and simplicity in mind to design your solution as quickly as possible. These self-help tools offer configuration flexibility, provide instant information, and more importantly, improve solution quality. Selecting the right configurator for your current need is easy, but if you think you might need help, fill out our contact form to be contacted by your local rep.

Benefits of the Configurator Tools

While each configurator serves a specific product-related purpose, they all have features and benefits which aid in the configuration process. From distribution to control assemblies, these configurators can reduce quotation lead times and identify commonly stocked configurations to reduce the impact of supply chain issues.

1. Plug & Play Configurator

The plug and play configurator is focused on enclosed motor or lighting solutions for any project. It provides readily available pre-assembled solutions or kits for immediate installation.

This tool delivers error-free detailed information on the desired assemblies. A series of drop-down menu selections gather the configurator’s required variables to compile and display the information. These menus include the assembly type (motor starter or lighting contactor), whether the assembly is non-combination or combination (includes a disconnect), the enclosure rating (NEMA type 1, 12 and 3R), motor starter horsepower or lighting contactor rating, accessory options and more.

The key is to gather the right information and understand the design input requirements for selecting the Plug and Play enclosed control solution. To effectively use the configurator, collect the system requirements in advance, including the motor nameplate or lighting requirement data, starter/contactor configuration design, and the enclosure rating requirements.

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2. Standard Enclosed Control Configurator

The enclosed control configurator aids in selecting a NEMA or IEC enclosed control panel. It provides the user with an easy-to-use interface by inputting their requests and obtaining a part number and the dimension drawing. The configured parts are factory wired and assembled, and fully tested at one of Eaton Canada’s regional manufacturing satellite locations. Then the user can contact Wesco to get pricing and a delivery time.

The tool includes these different categories, each with a drop-down menu for the user to choose from:

  • Starter construction type
  • Non-combination or combination type starter
  • Motor Data
  • Control Circuit
  • Enclosure rating
  • Cover control
  • Overload Type
  • Auxiliary contact
  • Enclosed Control Notes

The notes area can be used to submit special requests directly to Eaton and Wesco.

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3. Stocked Panelboard Configurator

The panelboard configurator is an excellent application for any user that needs to find a solution for their electrical distribution application. With this tool, you can enter the requirements of your system to ensure you are selecting the appropriate components for your panelboard application. There are two solutions available within this configurator, our Pow-R-Line 1a, rated for 240V applications only, and Pow-R-Line 2a, rated up to 600V.

To begin, the main system requirements are selected, including voltage, current, primary device type, interrupting rating, bus rating, number of circuits, and trim/enclosure options. Once these values are configured, the branch devices will be limited based on the selected product family. Initial limitations include, interrupting rating which is only suitable for fully rated applications, and available enclosure options of either Type 1 or Sprinkler proof. If you require a more custom solution, please reach out to your local Wesco sales team.

When selecting the branch devices, the tool will limit your selection to allow only for the breakers that are acceptable for that panelboard type. Based on the number of circuits and breakers selected, the program will indicate whether this solution will fit into the preconfigured enclosure size. From there, all the calculations are completed by the configurator. If there is a problem, breakers can be deleted or added until a perfect configuration is designed.

Once you have configured the best option, you can continue to the output screen.

Eaton's Configurator

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4. Safety Switch Configurator

Eaton's exclusive Safety Switch configurator will not only help understand the needs of the customer but will also help make the selection process simpler and easier.

The tool will help configure the simplest to the most unique and sophisticated switches including:

  • General Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Double Throw
  • Double Door
  • Quick Connect
  • Elevator Control
  • Voltage Indicator
  • OEM OLI line side isolation
  • Pringle Switches

After you have configured it to meet your needs, you can consider the switch built to exceed your requirement standards.

Safety Switch Configurator

Use the Safety Switch Configurator »

Configurator Output

After the final configuration is complete, sending the solution to your email inbox is simple. Just choose to submit a form and a salesperson can contact you to help with the configuration or answer any of the questions you may have along the way about any Eaton products.

To start now, select any of the above Online Configurators and be assured, this online experience includes direct access to a timely response from a strong coast to coast distribution partner, like Wesco.

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