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Protecting People, Processes and Infrastructure

nVent RAYCHEM is a world-leading provider of heat-trace management systems that keep people, industries and infrastructure safe from harm, enhance industrial processes and building performance, and bring comfort into homes. From oil & gas to power generation industries, from high-rise buildings to residential houses, we manage the heat you need.

{"altText":"Safety, Comfort & Performance","mainImage":"/medias/sys_master/root/ha0/h31/9652081590302/nVentBrandStore-20210101-AdSpot-Brochure.png","backgroundImage":"/medias/sys_master/root/h3f/h5d/9652081655838/nVentBrandStore-20210101-AdSpotBackground2.jpg","logoImage":"","backgroundColor":"","buttonColor":"ffffff","target":"_blank","url":"/medias/sys_master/root/h82/h52/9734698893342/RAYCHEM-SB-H59099-BISCapabilitiesUSALL-EN-2110.pdf"} Safety, Comfort & Performance

For Residential & Commercial Markets