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eProcurement, eBusiness

Wesco offers a variety of eProcurement services that can benefit your company by increasing productivity and giving you the visibility and control of online purchasing that you require.

If your company uses a compatible procurement system, we can establish a direct or third-party connection and provide access to e-Catalogs, electronic data transmission, and PunchOut, a customized online purchasing solution.

We can create customized eCatalogs that include robust, searchable product data, links to catalog sheets, digital images, and much more. eCatalogs are loaded into your procurement systems or hosted on a third-party market site.

Electronic Data Transmission
Wesco provides service for both customers and suppliers for electronic exchange of purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, invoices, and other business documents. With more than 700 customer trading partners transacting via electronic data exchange (EDI) and XML, and more than 270,000 documents processed per month, our team of experts is able to provide support every step of the way for eBusiness document integration.

By integrating your procurement system using a technology known as Punchout, shopping carts are returned directly to your procurement system as a purchase requisition. Products and pricing can be customized for your company. Purchases flow through the approval process, are converted to a purchase order, and are then sent to Wesco in the format that meets your needs (fax, email, EDI, etc.).

Wesco's eStock automates replenishment for your on-site stockroom. Using a handheld scanner and barcode technology, your procurement team can track use of critical inventory items and ensure that items are always in stock – even if your storeroom lacks an internet connection. We'll transmit your order through EDI or it can be integrated with Punchout, ensuring that you get the right items exactly when you need them.

Industrial Vending Machines
Wesco offers multiple point-of-use vending systems for your locations to control, track, and manage key inventory items when and where you need them most.

The new is a feature-rich eCommerce website providing our customers with 24/7 ability to place purchase orders, check product availability, access customer-specific pricing, create requests for quote (RFQs), view detailed product descriptions, product images, catalog pages, and more.

Tracking/Reporting also provides customers with access to order status and history for online or offline orders, copies of invoices, details of purchasing activity, trend analysis, and much more.