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Data Communications

Data Communications

With the explosion of the Internet, digital content, e-commerce and the need for access to data and Cloud computing, the data centre has emerged as one of the most important areas under review when it comes to minimizing operational costs, improving energy efficiency and optimizing capacity. As a leading, national Datacom supplier, WESCO | Anixter has a team of dedicated specialists with the technical expertise to help develop the most available and reliable project solution. We work with our partners to provide customers with services that include the design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling networks.

End-to-End Networking Solutions

WESCO | Anixter provides you with everything you need to plan, implement, and scale your data communications networks such as:

  • Copper cable solutions including premise wiring, industrial and outside plant
  • Connectors, outlets, patch panels and cross connects
  • Cabinets and racking
  • Wire management and raceway solutions
  • Fibre optics cabling, connectors, panels and enclosures
  • Installation tools
  • Test equipment for certification and verification
  • Power quality solutions including UPS and surge protection
  • I.D. products
  • Networking components including switches and media converters

The WESCO | Anixter advantage adds Lean Value Creation solutions to your business and provides valuable, data-focused insight that improve your results. Our team of experts can help identify specific needs and find solutions that maximize efficiency and reduce your bottom line.
Ask your local WESCO | Anixter representative about our unique approach and broad family of solutions.


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