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Energy Management

Reducing energy consumption in your organization can offer a significant competitive advantage while showing environmental leadership. Wesco’s Energy Management Program offers strategic insight into critical business application energy consumption to ultimately reduce energy use and provide measurable savings.

Energy Audit

Identifying opportunities for energy reduction is accomplished with strategic energy audits and performance analyses. Wesco’s energy professionals conduct an audit of your facility’s energy use to identify where, when and why energy is consumed. Data is collected and analyzed to make improvements that conserve energy, lower energy costs and save money.

The end-result of an energy audit is a facility-wide power monitoring, energy-reduction strategy that controls energy use across hardware and software.

Steps to Building an Energy Savings Strategy

Energy Management Steps

Wesco offers an industry-leading portfolio of products and services to support your energy management projects. An energy management needs assessment maximizes the benefits of your power system in four steps:

  1. Needs analysis to understand project funding and company validation criteria
  2. Post analysis proposal includes an equipment audit and upgrade recommendations
  3. Comprehensive proposal includes new system recommendations
  4. Project execution and implementation are completed within time and budget parameters

Conserve, Manage and Optimize Critical Applications

Wesco is here to help you conserve, manage and optimize energy consumption to systematically lower costs. By assessing your critical business applications, we help you make responsible and cleaner energy choices to reduce energy use.


  • Lighting renovation services
  • Power factor correction
  • Data centre assessment


  • Light management
  • Electrical systems maintenance assessment


  • Design and automation services
  • Metering and software analytics
  • Government regulations and environmental leadership
  • Micro-grid assessment, design and construction

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