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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

As our economy shifts and grows to be digitally driven with each innovation, electricity remains at the core and requires more reliable, resilient, and sustainable power.

Renewable Energy Solutions: Create a better tomorrow with greener solutions.

In Canada, more than 80% of electricity comes from renewable sources. The country has experimented with innovative energy storage to better integrate wind and solar power into the grid in recent years.

Wesco is committed to delivering sustainable power solutions for a cleaner, more productive tomorrow. As the business world evolves, companies across the globe are identifying the widespread impact of rising temperatures, and both private and public sectors are responding – in step with global policies. Let Wesco help you reduce your operational expenses while surpassing your sustainability goals and driving efficiencies and results.

Solar Solutions

Sustainable Energy, Your Way

Secure long-term energy costs and gain consistent power quality. Renewable energy solutions can enhance your time to power as you grow your business.

Solar Solutions

Reduce Outage Risks

Eliminate the risk and protect your facilities against extreme weather and planned or unplanned grid outages.

Solar Solutions

Sustainable Energy Goals

Power your sustainability roadmap with the ability to have a lasting and fuel-flexible platform. Help businesses achieve clean, reliable power for an electrified world, through alternative methods.

Wesco is positioned to provide the critical infrastructure products, know-how, and renewable energy solutions that power the technologies of tomorrow. We are driven to build, connect, power, and protect the world while creating a more sustainable future.

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Solar Solutions

Canada has only begun to scratch the surface of its vast and untapped wind and solar energy resources. Still, it is already one of the world’s most significant wind and solar energy producers. Wind and solar energy currently meet around 7% of Canada’s electricity demand, with larger contributions from PEI (25%) and Nova Scotia (13%). Installed wind and solar energy capacity are projected to continue to grow significantly.

Wesco partners with global solar product and solution providers – including manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, inverters, racking, balance of systems (BOS), and energy storage. Our partnerships, in parallel with our unique supply chain proposition, have made us a top vendor of choice for commercial and residential contractors, installers, and utilities.

Our renewables experts provide in-depth information on the ever-changing solar market, as well as knowledge and technical support for our installers and end-users. This combination of products and services allows you to remain focused on selling and installing solar systems. The result is increased profitability for you and more solar energy on the grid.

Solar Solutions

Residential and Commercial Solar

Wesco can offer an integrated energy solution for your facility rooftop that includes revenue-producing or cost savings outcomes, including manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, inverters, racking, and balance of systems (BOS).

Solar Solutions

Utility-Scale Solar

We work together with our core supplier network to develop high-tech, adaptable, build-to-order DC string collection solutions, including wire, combiner boxes, harnesses, and inline fuse splitters. Our engineering and installation partners have the knowledge and expertise in development, design, and construction to ensure an efficient and timely project execution.


Enable your organization to protect your company against price volatility and escalation with the microgrid platform. This platform enables you to fix a large portion of your electricity cost and is modular to scale with your business and the demand for power grows.


  • Provides remote communities with a safe and reliable space
  • Establish safeguards for business operations and protects the bottom line
  • Reduce pressure on centralized infrastructure through contribution of grid hardening
EV Charging Solutions

Sustainable Energy for a Better, Clean Future

Electric vehicle energy consumption is on a steep rise due to the electrification of transportation. By 2025, EVs are expected to hit global annual sales of 14 million – up more than fourfold from 2020, and with an expectation that by 2040, more than half of global passenger cars could be EVs.

To support the rapid expansion of electric vehicles, government agencies, municipalities, charging equipment manufacturers, automakers, and utility companies are swiftly building a national network of charging infrastructure.

Wesco partners with industry-leading suppliers to support the full scope of your EV project. We offer an unmatched portfolio of charging units, breakers, wire, conduit, and wiring devices. Our focus is on Level 2 and 3 charging stations with a complete balance of systems (BOS) solutions.

Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage is the ability to capture energy at one time to use later. The energy storage sector in Canada is rapidly expanding. According to BloombergNEF’s Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Ranking, Canada is one of the top 5 countries leading the way in global battery production. With this significant growth, it’s important that contractors understand what energy storage is, why it’s important, what problems it’s solving, and what opportunities there are to leverage energy storage. Explore now The What, Why and How of Energy Storage or contact us to assist you with customizable energy storage project solutions.

Leveraging energy storage enables you to save excess solar energy and use it when electricity costs are at their highest. Solar energy typically is at its highest level’s midday – when the sun is brightest and energy costs are low. With energy storage, you can release stored solar energy during peak time-of-use or when solar production is low. With this significant increase in overall project savings, you also increase the value of your solar asset.

Learn more about the opportunities that energy storage presents for electrical contractors.

Energy Storage Solutions



The global dominance of wind and solar energy in electricity generation alternatives will be critical for the Canadian market. Companies must considerably accelerate their development of wind, solar, and energy storage due to the rising demand for low-cost electricity and Canada’s mission of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Trust your wind energy plant project to a team of professionals with comprehensive and demonstrated solutions for grid integration. As a leader in wire and cable, Wesco works with strategic suppliers, EPC contractors, and developer partners to help navigate regulations and maximize energy production.

Check out how Wesco assisted a renewable energy contractor to eliminate delays and cut costs by 20% in a wind farm construction project in Alberta, Canada.

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