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Hazmasters Since 1989, Hazmasters has served the Canadian market as a leading distributor in the health and safety space. With over 130 locations nationally, we leverage our breadth of service and product expertise to offer customers application specific solutions that create safer work environments each day.

No matter the requirement, Hazmasters is ready with the regulatory expertise to help you overcome challenges, develop best practices and streamline processes to achieve optimum efficiency. Our approach delivers end-to-end safety solutions created through consultative partnerships offering service, training and education alongside access to a diverse line of product solutions.

Our Services

Hazmasters end-to-end solutions are tailored to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the project. Some of our value-added project support services include:

Expedited Fulfillment and Emergency Support

Thanks to our expansive network, most Hazmasters orders are able to be fulfilled and delivered within just 48 hours of being placed. We also offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals of fall protection, respiratory, gas detection and HEPA filtered and drying equipment. Need safety products or equipment sooner? In the event of an emergency, we can provide 24/7 emergency support through the Hazmasters fleet.


Education and Training

Employee trainings are an essential component of a comprehensive safety program. Hazmasters offers a variety of hands-on trainings either on-location at your site, or in one of our HazmastersED Training Centers located across Canada. Trainings can be customized to meet specific regulations and requirements based on your regional needs. We offer flexible open enrollment courses, and can create private courses that incorporate your company’s specific procedures and best practices.


Equipment Inspection

HazmastersID high-visibility tagging system gives you visual control with 24/7 online accessibility, including accurate, detailed records of your inspected assets. The system also saves time and money with assignments by job site and individual worker, and re-inspection notifications.   


Equipment Maintenance and Repair

We can provide calibration of safety equipment to ensure optimal performance, compliance and extend equipment lifespan. Our factory trained and certified technicians conduct equipment repairs and service your equipment to protect your assets.


Fit Testing and Compliance

Depending on branch location offerings, Hazmasters can provide quantitative or qualitative assessment of your respiratory equipment to ensure optimal fit and protection for workers. We also offer DOP/PAO testing to ensure all HEPA filtration equipment is both compliant with provincial regulations and meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Learn More

To learn more about what Hazmasters can do for you, download our capabilities brochure and visit us online.